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Mahindra THAR
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  • Engine


  • Front Suspension

    Independent Suspension With Torsion Bar And Stablizer Bar

  • Brakes

    Disc & Drum

    (Front & Rear)
  • Rear Suspension

    Semi-Elliptical Leaf Spring With Shock Absorber

  • Seating Capacity


  • Max Gross Power

    105 bhp

    @3800 rpm
  • Max Gross Torque

    247 Nm

    @1800-2000 rpm
  • Tyres

    P 235/70 R16

  • Transmission

    5 Speed

  • Fuel Tank Capacity


  • Wheel Base



Test Drive

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The all-new Thar packs a powerful 2.5-litre CRDe engine that packs 105 BHP and 247 Nm of torque. The earlier 63 BHP 195Nm Di diesel motor is still available due to never-ending demand. Thar experience comes with a starting price of INR 6.39 lakhs for the base variant and 9.11 lakh on its top CRDe variant.

Being a legend isn’t simple, so is rising up from the ashes. The Thar’s is the new avatar of the immortal MM540 that rose from the ashes of being phased out in 2000. Defining immortal, Mahindra brought the legend back to life in an all-new avatar, the Thar.

Thar’s bloodline runs way back to the World War days. Yes, the Willys whose blueprint was circulated to many manufacturers across the globe including Mahindra. Who built the CJB3 (Civilian Jeep B3) in 1949 and soon established as utility vehicle manufacturers of India.

The Thar might look vintage at first, but can blow your mind when it comes to the off-road experience. This humble yet legendary vehicle has more than what it takes to confront any terrain be it sand, marsh, hilly, icy, or even a river crossing. Mahindra has gone leaps and bounds ahead of first built, to enhance this 4X4 to give enthusiasts the best off-road experience.

Mahindra Thar Exterior

Thar gets a total makeover to its looks with the bold new front bumpers to accommodate bigger tyres when you need them. New powerful lens headlamps for better visibility to thoroughly inspect every detail of the road or any terrain you run into. Innovative beefy, tough wheel arches and bumpers that shield the body from any damage while adding to its rugged looks. Side footsteps add elegance to the never-aging 4X4 design and making entry and exit effortless. The Thar CRDe also gets a new redesigned canopy that compliments its appearance.

Thar retains the classic design and the 7-slot grille from the good old CJB3 that is where the similarities end. However, the Thar resembles a vehicle conceived during the hard times it has evolved into a 4X4 which blends the DNA of its predecessors into a true-blue off-roader. The new CRDe is bigger than the Di counterpart.

Thar DayBreak showcased at an earlier Auto Expo can now be yours at an additional INR 9.6 lakh for the soft top and INR 1.5 lakhs more for the hard top version. A less expensive alternative would be to customise the Thar with the Expedition Kit further enhancing the safety of occupants and equipping the 4X4 with a host of accessories useful both on the road and off it

Mahindra Thar Interior

Almost everything has changed inside the Thar. To begin with, the new Thar CRDe gets a sleeker dual-tone dashboard providing added leg-room. It also comes with the provision for a 2-DIN music system to mount your preferred touch-screen infotainment system with GPS, Bluetooth, AUX and reverse parking camera display. The luxury of this true-blue off-roader has been elevated further by multi-directional A/C vents that blast freezing air to cool the cabin immediately on those sunny days. It also comes equipped with a heater to keep you cozy during chilly winters.

A new 3-pod instrument cluster with tell-tale lamps has been incorporated to keep the driver informed of vehicle stats throughout the trip. Wider adjustable front seats have been added to make those long journeys less exhausting. Mahindra offers power steering standard across all Thar variants. It gets a brand new steering wheel and gear knobs that make the turn and shift supple.

A lockable glove compartment makes sure your belongings are safe when you aren’t around your car. The addition of cup holders to the floor console adds to the thoughtfully sculpted interiors. The door trim pads get hand rests for better comfort. A 12V in the center console helps keep all your gadgets charged when on the move. The level of luxury you get in the Thar makes you forget that it is a utilitarian vehicle. It also comes with side-facing collapsible seats at the rear to add to the cargo capacity when needed. While most of the equipment is standard for all three variants the CRDe is better equipped.

Mahindra Thar Technology

Mahindra has put a lot of effort to retain the retro shape and design yet haven’t failed to amaze with a blend of modern technology. It gets a windshield demister that provides better visibility during harsh weather. Manual shift on 4WD with high and low ratios coupled with the meticulously matched timings on the gearbox put the driver in control under any condition.

The mechanical locking rear differential ensures best in class traction with a flyweight mechanism and self-energized clutch, engages within a fraction of a second when a wheel-speed difference of 100RPM or more is detected. Automatic locking hubs disengage the front wheels when 4WD is not needed and improve fuel economy.

The Thar also gives you the freedom to choose and install your favourite touch-screen infotainment system loaded with GPS, Bluetooth, AUX, reverse parking camera display and Android apps or apple play.

Mahindra Thar Engine

The Thar’s new turbocharged intercooled 2.5-litre CRDe engine is a perfect blend of power and performance delivering 105 BHP and 247 NM of torque as opposed to the 2.5-litre Di which churns 63 BHP and 195Nm torque. Mahindra has engineered this Iconic Off roading SUV in a way to conquer all the terrains with ease.

The ever powerful CRDe engine pickup allows the Thar to clock 0-100 kmph in a flat eleven seconds with a top speed of 154 kmph. A claimed mileage of 16 Kmpl and a tank capacity of 60 liters finding a petrol station should be least of your concerns.

Mahindra Thar Safety & Security

Thar’s digital Immobilizer is equipped with encrypted key-recognition acts as a personal security system which rejects alien keys and unauthorized access to the vehicle. The lockable glove compartment adds up as a secure space to protect your documents and valuables in case you need to store them.

Assured braking assistance from the Dual Hydraulic Circuit with Tandem Master Cylinder, Vacuum-Assisted Servo with Auto-Slack Adjuster helps you drive at higher speeds confidently.

Mahindra Thar Off-road Capabilities

With an approach angle of 44 degrees, departure angle of 27 degrees and an overall clearance of 200mm, you can make impossible possible. Adding to it the Borg-Warner 4WD System provides a crawl ratio of 2.48 in low-range allowing you to take up any terrain no matter how slippery it is. The mechanical locking rear differential and auto locking hubs improve mileage and reduce wear and tear.

The CRDe gets wider tires while the Di’s departure angle is better being a tad bit smaller. Independent Suspension with Torsion Bar And Stabilizer Bar at the front and Semi-Elliptical Leaf Spring with Shock Absorbers keep the ride comfortable even on the worst terrain.

While the Thar has been around for over seven years now, its legend dates back to over 70-years. Experience the exhilarating power of this legend that plays a major part in the historic Indian automobile industry.

Mahindra Thar Variants

The Thar is retailed in three variants, a CRDe and two Di variants. CRDe being the top trim comes fully-loaded with a 4X4, all the updates, technological advancements, and a factory fitted A/C.

The Di, on the other hand, retails in two variants. It gets a 2WD variant and a 4WD variant made available for automobile enthusiasts and the never-ending demand for their immortal engines.

Both the variants are bare-bone versions of the legendary Thar that gives its owners the freedom of unlimited aftermarket customization.

Mahindra Thar Competitors

There aren’t any direct competitors for the Thar as the two 4WDs, the Gypsy and the Wrangler have their own limitations, can’t be considered rivals. The Gypsy is too small a 4X4 to stand at par with the Thar, either in the on-road presence or the performance with its tiny 1.3-litre engine and less than half the torque.

However, what the Wrangler has to offer isn’t worth the premium price of over INR 50 lakhs and extravagant cost of ownership. When you can own an off-roader with all the capabilities of the Wrangler for less than one-third of its asking price, Thar wins hands down.